Aims and Objectives

To make arrangement of the best education to the learners and to provide them characteristic, academic, cultural, physical, mental education etc for their all round development.


  • Bright, well ventilated, large classrooms with an area of 12 sq.ft. per child.
  • 100% Tuition free school.
  • Toy library (at pre-school) and class libraries, upto primary levels.
  • Special rooms such as Computer Lab, Maths Room, Social Studies Room, Resources Library for reference work, Workshops, individual well equipped laboratories
  • (for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science).
  • Exclusive sheltered play areas for pre-primary and primary levels.
  • Outdoor game facilities for cricket, Swimming, tennis, basketball and football.
  • Indoor games and Dance room.
  • Infirmary cum First Aid Room.
  • Library cum Resource Room, Audio-visual Room.
  • Seminar and Conference Rooms.
  • Well qualified and trained teachers with sufficient exposure for providing an interactive and experiential teaching.
  • Specialist teachers such as play and speech therapists, counselors (for child care unit for children with learning disabilities), Vocational Counselors and Career
  • Masters, Computer Instructors, Theatre & Art Teachers, (coaches for aerobics, indoor and outdoor games and martial arts training).
  • Excellent remuneration package to attract the best teachers.
  • Ample opportunities for teachers to grow with training programmes and workshops for improving subject content and skills, as also personal growth workshops.
  • Students from around the catchment (upto 50 km.) radius would be admitted.
  • Students would be admitted at pre-school with very few admissions at other levels and no new admissions beyond Std. VII.
  • A maximum class size of 36 and student teacher ratio 22:1 (max.) or less would be maintained.
  • Ample opportunities for self-study for students; co-operative and interactive role of partners in their childrens education by parents workshop Engagement of Parents to participate actively in committees, PTA on a monthly basis.
  • The school would prepare students for the CBSE and other competitive exams.
  • There would be a constant non-stressful pressure of daily work.
  • The curriculum is child initiated at pre-school, child centred at primary and interactive, project and research oriented in the secondary.
  • The curriculum moves in a very natural, sequential manner from primary until Std. X as a sort of continuum.
  • Every opportunity for developing students native talent is sought to be provided, Children would be encouraged to explore and reason; child to child interaction
  • opportunities, debates, dramatics, quizzes as also live experiences through visits, guests lectures and audio-visual media would be provided.